Inititatives – Commonwealth Creativity & Innovation Challenge

Welcome to the Commonwealth Creativity & Innovation Challenge

This Challenge has been designed by CBWN, Flow In Action and GSMA  to engage young people across the Commonwealth in having innovative ideas about accessing education, as a response to the impact of COVID on school.

That ongoing impact means that more than 1.5 billion children globally, continue to have their education and right to education disrupted.

We want to amplify youth voices – age 8-16 years – and enable them to be heard across the Commonwealth. 

We are passionate about enabling a new generation of entrepreneurs to emerge, which starts with them having access to education, so we are asking them to dream up ways that, offline and online, a mobile phone could enable, engage and empower them to access education.

Accessing education now is vital in our mission to achieve UN SDG 4 – Quality Education and UN SDG 5 – Gender Equality. 

Our Challenge question asks them to, “Imagine this…a mobile phone is a school. How would you design it for yourself or someone your age?” 

Your children can take part in the Challenge by registering here where you’ll also be able to download a hardcopy pack too.

You can also register as a school or parent, to ensure your students and children maintain online safety.

Be inspired by the ideas already shared by young people in our online gallery 

Listen and be inspired by this 1-min welcome message from Laxmi Akkaraju, Chief Strategy Officer at GSMA, welcoming young people to the Challenge.

Watch this message from CBWN Chair, Freda Miriklis, thanking young people from across the Commonwealth for their creativity and commitment to taking action

Take part today! 

By CBWN South Africa

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